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Dan Vigilante CPA

A progressive website and marketing strategy for a progressive accounting firm






Dan Vigilante CPA (DPVCPA) is a New Jersey based accounting firm specializing in business tax code and helping small and medium sized business increase profitability and maintain accurate books. DVCPA needed a new website that would be able to reach and connect with business owners.


The Challenge

DVCPA had some specific requirements for the new website:

– Organize their services

DPVCPA offers a lot of services, and their old site was very confusing and difficult to navigate. So we needed to design a layout that would organize everything neatly and make it easy for visitors to find what they are looking for.

– Increase visibility on the web

Accounting is a competitive market, which is why DPVCPA knew they needed to start generating leads online. We started implemented a robust SEO campaign and built their social media platforms from scratch.




An updated, mobile friendly website

We designed a layout that would organize all DPVCPAs content and services in a way that would be easy to find and understand. The site was built to be mobile responsive and easy to navigate for people on every type of device. We also used some of our signature functionalities to make the site more engaging

Original Photography

With so much stock photography on most accounting firms websites, Dan Vigilante wanted to make sure visitors to the website knew that the firm is made up of real people with legitimate credentials and who truly care about their clients. We went in to their offices and got photos of them in action doing what they do best. In order to showcase the entire staff we arranged for professional head shots and employee bios.