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Major Police Supply

An industry leader in emergency vehicle equipment and installation




Major Police Supply has specialized in the business of emergency vehicle equipment for almost 25 years and is currently one of the largest suppliers and installers in the nation. When we started with Major they had no existing website. They wanted a website that would be a sales tool for their salesforce in the field, as well as an online platform to sell and distribute products nationwide.

We also help them with their digital marketing:

  • Social Media Management
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-per-click
  • Remarketing

The Challenge

Major Police Supply had a few goals when we started with them:

– Create a robust ecommerce platform to sell products online

We built an attractive, fully functional ecommerce website with integrated tracking softwares that track sales, visitor traffic patterns, and added cart saver functionality to the shopping cart to help retain customers and encourage sales.

– Build a social media presence that will help them expand their business to the rest of the country

We created multiple social media platforms, designed the graphics, wrote the posts, built the fan base and engaged with the audience.

– Increase the companies visibility on the web

Major wanted to reach police and fire departments, as well as the regular retail customer through their website. We did this through social media efforts but mostly through an aggressive search engine optimization program, targeting national keywords to capture a visitor base




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Robust Ecommerce platform

We designed and developed a visually engaging and functional website, that displays all of their services and products. They wanted the site to have a back end database where vendors from each state could login and would see pricing that reflected their state. We built them a MySQL database that provides this functionality and can be easily adjusted. The website and checkout process is completely mobile responsive and user friendly.

Social Media

When we started there was no web presence at all. We had to start from scratch creating all social media platforms and design the graphics for each. We sat with Major and nailed down a list of topics that are relevant to the business and its customers so we could then start writing posts to put out across these platforms. We then built the following from 0 to 5000+, and started engaging with potential customers, such as police and fire departments. They quickly started getting orders placed from around the country and have picked up numerous recurring business as a result.

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Search Engine Optimization

Once the site is complete, the next step is to make sure that potential customers can find it. We did thorough keyword research, analyzing the industry as a whole and selected keywords that would be relevant to both police & fire departments as well as the individual retail customer. In just over a year we took the site from no traffic to an average of 3500 monthly targeted visitors.