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Courts Unlimited

Courts Unlimited is one of the largest, most reputable court builders in New Jersey and Pennsylvania






Courts Unlimited has over 40 years of experience in the industry, and is one the largest and most sought after court builders in the state. Like many other contractors, their site was old and outdated and did a poor job of representing the company. Our job was to address the issue of visitor conversions on their website, which we did with a complete website redesign, search engine marketing, SEO and a retargeting campaign


The Challenge

Courts Unlimited knew what they wanted and had specific objectives

– Redesign the website in a way the will give it a modern look, and will increase visitor conversions

The previous site was a 2 page website that had very little information and pictures, we changed that using specific features like a timeline and dedicated pages for each service and type of court

– Increase the websites visibility

Once the site was live, we immediately started a PPC campaign to try and get instant leads for Court building and court repairs. We also started an SEO campaign to create an organic source of traffic, and to help people looking for court builders find Courts Unlimited




Courts Unlmited Timeline

Display of the court building process

Courts wanted to somehow show the visitor the entire building process of a full court. We had just the solution. We created a timeline with images from beginning to end of the entire process. The visitor can now click through and see the process and the level of quality Courts Unlimited provides.

Logo Design

When we first met with courts they had no logo and knew they needed one. Our graphic designers came up with a great logo that represents the brand well. The idea was to have a similar look that a high end country club would have. They asked that we use the colors gold, green and black which we incorporated. Now the logo resides on all their marketing materials, 10+ vehicles, 100+ shirts and sweatshirts and the website.

Courts Unlmited Visitor Capture

Visitor retention

The original site had a high bounce rate and visitors were only staying onsite for a matter of seconds. We decreased the bounce rate by over 50% and dramatically increased the length of time a visitor stays on the site. We also added a visitor rescue feature. This is programmed in a way that generates a pop up when the visitor tries to click off the page. The pop up is a last effort to capture customer information, in this case to schedule an estimate or phone call.