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Ridge Painting Company

An advanced, functional, lead generating website for a well established painting company






Ridge Painting Company is a large, established painting company based in Central New Jersey. When we started with Ridge they had virtually no web presence. The website is no one of their biggest lead generators.

We also help them with their digital marketing:

  • Social Media Management
  • Email Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Pay-per-click
  • Remarketing

The Challenge

Ridge Painting had a few specific goals when we started with them:

– Change the site from an informational landing page, to a major lead generating source

Their old site served as place for new prospects to get more information on the company and see a couple pictures. Not only will the new site dramatically help close sales, it will bring people to the site who are searching for the services they offer.

– Make the website responsive:

A large number percentage of existing visitors were on mobile devices and unable to view all the content on the main site easily.

– Increase the company’s visibility on the web

The competitors in the wealthy areas seemed to be getting more of the market share and Ridge Painting inquired as to why that is. With more and more people using the internet as a tool to finding their vendors Ridge realized that as painters, they needed to be found more easily.




  • ridgepainting_cs

Advanced, functional website

We created a site that displayed the quality of their work and processes through different functionalities. We wanted to showcase the projects they do through the use of photography and parallax imagery, strategically placed throughout the site. Scroll over the below items to see examples

Search Engine Optimization tasks for this company included writing and adding content relevant to the areas and types of clientele that they wanted to target. Additionally, we wrote guest blog articles which were posted on various sites around the web and linked back to Ridge Painting’s site. Other tasks included updated meta tag information, submitting press releases, producing informational videos which were then submitted to YouTube, and more.

Keeping abreast of the changes in Google’s algorithms has allowed us to alter activities based on best practices. We consistently determine what’s necessary and act accordingly in order to increase the company’s visibility on the web. Whenever possible we obtain content from the client to keep items such as blog posts up to date, timely and relevant. For Ridge Painting that means obtaining photos of jobs in progress and/or completed at the time that they are being done (I.e. Not months after the job is complete.) Including specific details of the jobs such as location, type of work completed, etc, increases the relevance of the website as per the audience that Ridge Painting wants to target. Knowing what is required in order to, not only obtain the top spot for organic searches, but also draw in the specific target audience that the client wants to reach, makes Revention Media a valuable resource in growing any business through online marketing.

The screen shot at right proves that, not only have we been able to place Ridge Painting in the top spots since their commencement with us in March, 2015, but also we have seen a 253% increase in traffic coming directly from organic search results at

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